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In battle against the invading humans, the fearless Orc chieftain has been slain. Upon her death, her spirit became enlightened to her tribe's blind lust for battle regardless of their own well-being. In death, she has realised the folly in her command. She now seeks to impart this knowledge on her tribe so they may become self-aware enough to win the war and provide a better life for themselves without her leadership. Retaking her ancestors' structures on the remaining sky islands is where they must begin…

You, the player, are the spirit of the slain Orc Chieftain. You must overlook your Orcish tribe as they meander around the sky islands they call home. Each Orc has their own wants and needs such as health, hunger, and interests. These are affected by their environment and actions of the Orc. You must manage the transportation between the sky islands in order to better equip and train the simple-minded Orcs before battle.

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Install instructions

To play Orcward, all you need to do is download the appropriate zip file (for Windows or OSX), extract it to a new folder, and run it. Enjoy!


Orcward v1.1 - Win.zip 88 MB
Orcward v1.1 - OSX.zip 91 MB